No Cheating/Hacking

Players who are caught cheating /hacking will be permanently ban on the server, and your IP/Steam ID will be send to the rust developers, as well as other servers. Please don't cheat!

No DDOS Threats

DDOS threats to the server, or players in the server, will result in a permanent ban.

No Advertising

Please do not advertise other servers in here. You will be banned if you are caught doing so.

No more than 3 players in a group

You are allowed no more than three players  in the group. This applies to active and non active players. No more than three people can be on any code lock, Tool cupboard, or Auto turret.

No Alliances

This rule also only applies to our Solo Duo Trio server. You are not allowed to ally with another group in ways that involve raiding, roaming, farming, base building, and etc. You are allowed to trade with other groups via a vending machine or a shop front